Rahul Gandhi Used Albert Einstein’s Quote on ‘Arrogance’, But Did the Scientist Really Say That?
16 Haziran 2020

On Monday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a dig at the central government’s handling of Covid-19 crisis and quoted Albert Einstein to make this point. Gandhi used the quote, “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance”, which is commonly attributed to Einstein. So we tried to find where and when exactly Einstein said this.

The Congress leader has been attacking the government over its tackling of the Covid-19 pandemic from the very beginning. In his latest tweet, he posted a graph that showed the sudden fall in economy and the rise in fatalities from the beginning of March.

For long, this quote has been attributed to Einstein, but there are no sources to cite. Not a single journal or scholarly articles confirm that the scientist said the quote. When it comes to historical figures who have been gone for centuries, it is quite easy to misattribute a quote and pass it off as something they said. We fear that the same thing may have happened to Einstein.

A blogger named Ed Darrel wrote eight years ago that he could not even find a single source older than 2000 which suggested that Albert Einstein may have said it. After extensive research and going through relevant books, the blogger deduced that the quote may never have been used by Einstein in the first place.

So, did Einstein really say ignorance is better than arrogance? Well, who knows?



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