Japanese Man Seeks Twitter’s Help to Find Owner of Rescued ‘Puppy’, Gets a Shock of His Life
23 Mayıs 2020

Images tweeted by @marcy_com.

Images tweeted by @marcy_com.

Hoping to reunite the lost animal with its owner, the man took to Twitter to post a video and was in for news he probably would not have expected.

A Japanese man recently found a lonely and helpless puppy sitting by the roadside and decided to take it home.

Hoping to reunite the lost animal with its owner, the man took to Twitter to post a video and received a surprise he probably would not have expected.

Twitter user “@marcy_com” said he found the puppy resting on the roadside in Tsukigata, a town in Japan’s Hokkaido Prefecture.

He shared four pictures of the being and asked for help in locating its owner.

A number of people took to the comment section to admire the “puppy”.

However, after the man shared a video of the rescued animal, people on social media started to raise doubts about its species because of the sound it was making. The puppy was making a sound which was nowhere akin to a dog’s barking or howling.

The man also named the rescued four-legged animal Luna.

As per a report by Yahoo News, after people started guessing the species and began to raise suspicion on Twitter, the man decided to take the baby animal to a veterinarian who confirmed that the rescued animal was a wild fox cub.

As per the report, it is illegal to keep foxes as pets in Japan. The man then decided to give Luna to a fox sanctuary Kita Kitsune Bokujo located in the town of Kitami in Hokkaido.

He shared a picture of Luna cuddled up with other foxes and sleeping.

Luna is about two months old and will stay at the sanctuary until it is old enough to fend itself, the report said.


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